Films Za Nas

Logo Design

Films3aNas (Macedonian) Films About Us (English) is a production company attached to Macedonia Arts Council museum in NYC.

Who they are.

Films3aNas (Macedonian) Films About Us (English) was founded by Pavlina Proevska, Executive Director of the Macedonia Arts Council Museum in NYC. She's a successful producer who's worked with CBS News and USA Cable Networks. She also studied public relations in Paris for some time. She's an independent film producer and approached me needing an identity for her production company who is tied to the Macedonian Arts Council. It would be a co-production with a US company for a feature film that will be screened in the US and in Macedonia.

The Problem.

The challenge was to create an identity system that would be successful in both Macedonia and the US. The solution was to develop a common symbol that would be used across the board, in this case it was a mosaic sun. Then pair the symbol with two variations of type, one for each nation.

The Solution

We decided on mosaics for the rich heritage and to put emphasis on the ties to Macedonia, where the majority of the focus lay. Then the initial type is set partly in Cyrillic Script (Macedonian alphabet) with a secondary variation in english to be used for the US version of the film.

This was my first international project and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Pavlina, learning so much about Macedonian culture. If you would like learn more about Macedonia Arts Council or Films3aNas, visit