Food N' Belly:
Brand Design
Food N' Belly is Cajun cuisine on wheels. Based in Chico California, they offer authentic Louisiana style cooking that you won't find for miles on end.
August 2018
Jason Davis, John Anderson, Mirco Cattabriga, Aaron Jones, Amanda Johnson, Steve McQueen
Food N' Belly is not just a cajun restaurant, but a cajun restaurant on wheels. So it was a no brainer to go with an Acadian wagon for the mark in this logo system. For those who don't know, Acadians were a group of (primarily French) settlers in 17th Century Canada who would eventually move south to Louisiana and become known as Cajuns.

We didn't have to work very hard to highlight or establish differentiation for our client. There aren't many Cajun food trucks that reside in Northern California. The main focus was to make sure we clearly communicated what the client had to offer to their customers.

Along with the logo itself, we also developed a system in which the mark (wagon symbol) could be used interchangeably with other messaging to not only tie the brand together, but to increase brand awareness as much as possible while the company is in it's early stages.
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